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    6 авг 2021
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    Very first tobacco aromas are compatible amongst eachother to form a fabulous rich, multi-layered confusing aroma, realizing a regular fusion of smoke aroma and wine bottles flavor, and the polished off cigarette product is the characteristics of moisturizing and additionally enhancing aroma, completely unique taste and snug aftertaste. Collecting all the essence of the outdoors, the blend about tobacco and alcoholic beverage is natural. Conventional and technological molecular separating technology: using world-class real bodily particle separation appliances, using unique medical means, extracting completely unique aroma molecules for fine wines, fully enclosed and integrated after the process of leaf vigorous, silk making, and additionally rolling, so which usually [tobacco and alcohol fusion ] More specific and efficient, [Biomolecular Tunnel. New filter technology: select ultra-fine particles made of natural plant materials and add them to the filter. Each ultra-fine particle in the filter absorbs natural alcohol molecules, which are slowly released during the cigarette smoking process, making the smoke more mellow and coordinated , Which greatly enhances consumers’ sense of pleasure and comfort. It smokes softer and is a good cigarette Marlboro Cigarettes, although it cannot be said that the price-performance ratio is very outstanding, the aroma is pure and harmonious, and there is no odor. The taste smells naturally and fragrant. Every branch produced is perfectly coordinated. The biggest selling points of soft, moist, thin, thick, sweet and small, and the world are two. One is the popularity of small cigarettes. In recent years, there is no need to say more about the popularity of the small cigarette market; the second is the national fine cigarettes. The first of the cigarettes uses a central round hole filter rod, which gathers air and tastes, and is both comfortable and satisfying. The smoke is delicate, the entrance is soft, the first-line throat is gentle and smooth, mellow and smooth, the aftertaste is clean, and the aftertaste is sweet. Live up to the reputation of the world. White background with patterns, elegant and simple. The smoke taste is light and elegant, a bit like the caramel flavor of Su Yan; the taste is mellow and soft, not only is not heavy, but it has a smooth and elegant flavor; the smoke is full and delicate Marlboro Red. The packaging is also simple and elegant. The smoke and taste are all upholding the style of the world. More delicate and soft..
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